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The word Octave is defined as the interval between the series of eight musical tones where every note doubles in frequency. The Octave relationship is referred to as the 'basic miracle of music', also called the Solfége (Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do), the Western counterpart of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa.

At Octave Hotels, we strive to provide you the perfect interval away from the increasing stress in your life. When you stay at an Octave property, the touch of our comfortable beds and the taste of our scrumptious food is guaranteed to provide you the perfect interval that you were craving along with an ideal environment to relax, unwind, and touch your inner self.

Our corporate logo comprises of 8 oval dots where each dot increases in size, representing the increasing frequency of stress in life. The graphic symbol is inspired by a wind chime, a schematic replica of the musical instrument when viewed from below.

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Octave Hotels is a brand of Vishwaratna Hotel Pvt Ltd.